The Importance Of A Fuel Filter And How It Can Influence Your Fuel Pump

Compared to many of the other parts in an automobile, or even its fuel delivery system, the fuel filter has a relatively small role. With that said, it still serves a very vital purpose and, if neglected, can result in serious damage to a car. While those of us in the industry surely already know the importance of a fuel filter, here are some basic reasons to reinforce its critical role when talking to your customers.


Fuel Filter Basics


In order to know the true importance of a fuel filter, or any automotive part for that matter, it is crucial to know where it is located and what its function or purpose is. The fuel filter is positioned between a car's fuel pump and the fuel injectors. Its primary purpose is basically to aid the fuel pump's performance by filtering out deposits in the gasoline being transferred to the engine. More specifically, as the fuel pump supplies gas to the engine, it is the fuel filter's job to serve as a sort of barrier, ensuring that only gas of an acceptable purity is pumped into the engine. In this way, the fuel filter eliminates much of the contamination in the fuel, protecting the fuel pump and fuel injectors as the gas is sprayed into the engine.


A Clogged Filter


One of the most common mechanical problems that cars have is a clogged fuel filter. What's more, such a problem can be detrimental to the working order of an automobile, sometimes even causing it to malfunction completely. Despite the promises of filters with lifetime guarantees, quite often fuel filters need to be changed several times during the span of a car's life. In fact, in some cases, replacing the fuel filter in a car may be routinely necessary -- every 10,000 to 15,000 miles -- but this is mainly just a recommendation for those who like to prevent mechanical issues from occurring. When possible, try to prevent contaminants from entering your tank from the outside. If you run out of gas and fill the tank from a fuel can, make sure the can is clean, as this can be a source of dirt and debris which will clog the fuel filter.



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